In Celtic myth Fand is a faery queen, who was once married to the sea god Manannan. After he left her she was preyed upon by three Fomorian warriors in a battle for control of the Irish Sea. Her only hope in winning the battle was to send for the hero Cuchulainn who would only agree to come if she would marry him. She reluctantly acquiesced to his wishes, though when she met him she fell as deeply in love with him as he was with her. Manannan knew that the relationship between the human world and the world of the faery could not continue without eventually destroying the faeries. He erased the memory of one from the other by drawing his magical mantle between the two lovers.

Fand was also a minor sea goddess who made her home both in the Otherworld and on the Island of Man. With her sister, Liban, she was one of the twin goddesses of health and earthly pleasures. She was also known as "Pearl of Beauty". Some scholars believe she was a native Manx deity who was absorbed into the Irish mythology.

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