You Walk With Me, a message to Manannan

by Anfa Faolchu copyright 3-1-99

You guided my family to the ocean, a great and frozen land.
I felt you lead me daily, with your strong yet kind hand.
Each day there I remember, climbing cliffs to capture the view.
Sitting in my secret place, that is where I found you.

Your hair was gray with wisdom, your eyes as the blue green sea.
I didn't know at that time what your name would mean for me.
Whenever I felt weary or as if my life was in vain,
you came to me in your long flowing cloak and cleansed me with the rain.

As time passes for us all, here on the blue green earth,
my life took me to another land where I would feel rebirth.
On a cold dark day in October, with a chilling northwest wind,
the death of my child unfolded what was lying deep within.

You came to me in comfort, you stayed with me for strength,
and when my night seems lost and cold, you love me in great length.
Now when I see a bird of white, flying to or from the west,
I know your spirit shines brightly there, the God who knows me best.