Prayer to Manannan...

Collected By: W.Y. Evans-Wentz. 1910.

The following prayer was collected by W.Y. Evans-Wentz from an old Manx woman in 1910. This prayer was said to be used by both the woman's father and grandfather. Her grandfather had addressed the Celtic sea-god Manannan, but her father had substituted St. Patrick's name for Manannan.

Ships off the Douglas coast, IOM

Manannan beg mac y Leirr, fer vannee yn Ellan
Bannee shin as nyn maatey, mie goll magh
As cheet stiagh ny share lesh bio as marroo 'sy vaatey'.

Little Manannan, son of Lieirr, who blessed our land,
Bless us and our boat, well going out
And better coming in with living and dead in the boat.