On Manannan's Isle

Author: Usha Kishore

There is magic in the sea, there is magic in the waves,
when the seagulls scream their spells;
There is magic in the wind, there is magic in the air,
where the purple heather blooms;
There is magic in the dark pools, where the Cabbyl Ushtey rises…

Here, the traveller pauses, captures the legend in a floating sunset
and throws it into her rucksack full of Celtic crosses, Viking
ships and bits and pieces of musical Manx…
Flung on this crystal dewdrop on the Irish Sea, the traveller
stands alone, unknowingly enveloped in the enchantment
of one man, who became a glorious God…
Away from her land, her people, her culture, the traveller
with a heavy heart, breathes in the beauty of the rugged cliffs…
At the breakwater, a mist rolls down, clouds the skies and
fondly hides the isle in its bewitching folds…
A voice rises with the tide, its incantatory charm beats
into the traveller's heart, spills into the air and beckons her
with its shimmering hands…

The traveller whispers in spell-bound wonder:
"Which of my thirty three million gods, are you?
Vayu? Varuna? Indra?"
I am but one more - cloak yourself in my swirling mists,
hear my laughter in the crashing waves, feel my power
in the roaring winds and say my name!

My veg!


In Indian Myth, Vayu is the God of wind, Varuna is the God of Sea and Indra, the king of Gods, is the God of the atmosphere.
"Cabbyl Ushtey" - Manx legend of a water horse that charms people.
"My veg" - Manx for little one.