Various Sea Charms

by greenheart / Chuck Bradley

The tide rises
The tide recedes
A strong wave from a stronger ocean
Blends on one end with sand and pebbles
Fades on the other end into seagulls and clouds

Manannan, you open
Manannan, you close
Mage with a laugh
Mystic with a secret

If I need to enter, guide me
If I need to hide, shelter me
If I need to know, teach me
If I need to join with others, accompany me

The water is cold
The brine, it does sting
But I know you Manannan Mac Lir
Are the Journey and not the Trap

If to Ancestors I go
If to Natureís Spirits I go
If to Danuís Divine Tribe I go
You, Manannan, will usher me in

Cleanse my blood
Cleanse my sweat
Cleanse my tears
O God of Sea and Islands
Into to your unsinkable ever-moving coracle I go
And with You, I dive into mystery within mystery