Finding Humor in God

Humans have a very unique ability that is a gift given to us by the gods. What makes us graceful in this world is the ability to laugh. When we make mistakes we laugh at ourselves and each other. We look at tragedies and errors in the past, and it is through humor that we take the edge off the pain. We see someone fall down and we grin because we know how dumb it feels. We make fun of our bosses and coworkers behind their backs to vent frustration. We joke with our families and friends and it pulls us closer together. We bond with each other by recognizing all the odd details of our existence, and we grin when we recognize our own strangeness.

Without humor we would collapse under the weight of stress and imperfection. Laughter turns imperfection into bliss. If we didn't allow ourselves to laugh at people who made us mad, the frustration would turn to anger and hate. If we didn't smile at the odd truths of existence, they would become a fear that paralyzes the mind. Our mistakes are made into something wonderful and enjoyable through laughter.

We guffaw, snort, giggle, and chuckle, and when we do this we are in a state of perfect harmony with the universe. When we are laughing, the distractions of the mind are silenced as absolute joy fills our body. Insecurities, worries, pending tasks, and doubts are all pushed aside as we are overloaded with pure happiness. Humor is the greatest tool the gods gave us to help us cope with the world around us.

A god without humor is not a god that knows mankind. It is not a god that can help mankind. A god that can't laugh doesn't know the joy of failing and the embarrassing hysteria of squirting milk out of your nose in a fit of laughter. If a God can't understand that, he can't understand man.

When you pray to your god, or when you sit and talk with her, don't forget this. Ask him if he's heard any good jokes. Tell him the stupid funny embarrassing things you do. Ask her if her feet ever smell bad. Laugh with your god like you laugh with your friends. When man laughs, it shows he loves the world. When a god laughs, it shows he loves man.

Copyright © 2002 by Jay Bell / Temple of Manannan Mac Lir