Magical Energy:


This isn't grounding in the sense of punishing your child; instead it's the sort of grounding you do to keep from flying off the handle at your kid. You are probably familiar with this concept already as it's one of the most widely used and published techniques. This process is most often sited as being the tool used to balance energies out. Some people suffer a lack of energy, while other people feel overwhelmed by the amount of energy they have. This technique helps to establish the perfect balance of energy, and it also has a very cleansing effect on your general vibration.

To begin, either stand with your feet filmy planted on natural earth, or just sit on your rump. While it can technically be done anywhere, I strongly recommend doing it outside on a natural surface like a patch of grass. It is a casual enough process that no one will be able to tell what you are doing, so your yard or a public park will do just fine. Calm your mind and adjust your breathing to a slower and deeper rate. Visualize roots made of pure light extending from your feet or the base of your spine and extend these roots deep into the earth. When you go deep enough, you should sense a large reservoir of raw energy. With the roots dipped into this source, soak energy up by visualizing it being pulled through your tendrils and allow it flow back into your body. Take in a good drink of energy as you inhale, letting the light spread into every corner of your body. Do this every other inhalation until you feel your body is highly charged. Enjoy the buzz for a moment before sending the energy back down your roots and into the ground as you exhale. The idea behind this is that you are washing your body in pure energy that mixes with your old energy. Cycling the energy in and out of your body is to purify and dispel some of the old energy while refreshing invigorating your system with movement.

Continue the flow of incoming and outgoing energy. Saturating your body with fresh energy helps to dispel any negative vibrations in your system. When you feel this process is complete, slowly pull the roots back into yourself, dispersing their form as they reenter you. Remain still for a few moments longer and then continue on with your life refreshed and balanced.

If you feel heavily burdened by negativity, additionally visualize black or tainted energy being pushed down your roots into the earth below. See the negativity absorbed, overwhelmed, and then purified by the strong natural energies of the earth. Take additional pure energy to replenish that what you then expelled.

While working customer service and technical support jobs, I found this technique to be a real lifesaver. I would leave the building on break and find a grassy area on the edge of the parking lot. After performing this technique I felt a renewed vigor and a much stronger hold on my sanity.

Psychic Center/Chakra Visualization

Psychic Center Visualization is fantastic for raising energy before doing any magical work. You have many energy centers in your body which correlate with your spiritual or etheric body. These psychic centers of energy are most commonly called chakras. There are many different schools of thought as to how many chakras a body has. Likewise, there is an ancient Indian spiritual philosophy known as ayurveda which combines the body, sense organs, mind and soul to guide the processes of energy and rebirth. In western magic, most people agree that there are 6 classic chakras.

The Crown Chakra- Right above your head, and the largest of all the chakras. This one connects you to the spiritual, and your higher self.

The Third Eye- Located between and above your eyes, this Chakra is in the center of your forehead and is said to govern clairvoyance.

The Throat Chakra- Just as it sounds; it is located in the throat. It represents communication… Kind of predictable with the name and meaning huh?

The Heart Chakra- Located in the center of your chest. This center governs emotions.

The Solar Plexus Chakra- Located just above the navel, usually by a few inches. This chakra is all about will power.

Root Chakra- Between the genitals and the anus. It represents primitive states of being and sex. It's also one of the hardest ones to talk about with a straight face.

There are plenty of systems that only recognize a few of these, while others boast upwards of 300 chakras. For charging purposes, and for a psychic protection technique given later, I add one more to the classic six, and that is the Earth Chakra.

Earth Chakra- This is the chakra created when the feet are near proximity, and is the combined point used to absorb energy from the ground. This chakra symbolizes being grounded and balanced.

This exercise activates all seven of these psychic centers. I recommend this exercise be performed either standing straight up, or lying down while stretched out completely. Clear your mind as much as possible and increase the depth of your breath. When you feel you are ready, move your awareness to the area just above your head to the crown chakra. Gently visualize the center there as a white ball of light. Start by seeing the ball as being rather small. As you inhale, will the energy to grow, becoming more concentrated and powerful. As you exhale, see the center shine with a new brightness. Repeat this breathing/energy building a few times, and pause for a moment to feel it's powerful energy. When you are ready, visualize a white line of light extending from the crown chakra to your next center in the middle of your forehead. As with the crown chakra, see this center as a small ball of white light and allow it to grow larger as the energy builds in this area. As before, you want to will the energy of this chakra to shine with every exhalation. Again take a moment to feel it and then extend another line down to the next chakra, the throat. Charge this area until you feel satisfied and then draw a line to the heart or chest center. Charge this potent center and then draw your next line to your solar plexus, just above your navel. Next we take our line of light down to the sex or root chakra located at the genitals. Charge this center well before drawing a long line to our last stop, the earth chakra. The earth chakra and the crown chakra are usually visualized as being a little bit larger than the other centers of the body. After the earth chakra is charged, take a moment to become aware of all seven of these centers glowing with a powerful charge.

The next step is to create two lines of light from the earth chakra at your feet. Take each line up around the side of your body and connect it to your crown chakra, creating a circuit of energy. Send energy down the line you had previously created down through each chakra all the way to the earth center. The energy should continue again up the two lines and through the whole cycle again. Time it with your breathing so that each surge of energy moves when you breathe in and out. I always visualize the energy moving up the two lines at my side as I breathe in, and then down through all the chakras as I breathe out. Repeat this for a few cycles before gently letting the imagery fade from your mind's eye. Slowly open your eyes and take a few more breaths before moving on to a magical task or just everyday life.

Some people may already have a high level of energy naturally. For instance when I was younger (can you hear my bones creaking as I type this?) I never had to use energy raising techniques before magic. I was constantly wired in everyday life, and my magical life followed suit. So if you feel your levels are already high enough, than by all means skip over this step. Likewise there are some days where one is revved up, and others when one is a walking zombie. Use common sense when deciding if energy raising is necessary.

Copyright © 2004 by Jay Bell / Temple of Manannan Mac Lir