Magical Energy:

Natural examples of our energy and traditions:

As most all spiritual traditions teach, our bodies contain a large amount of energy. This can be called anything from chi, akasha, kai, juju, andů well, mojo. It's a raw and self-replenishing power that can be used to accomplish amazing things. What does this energy feel like? A simple way to get a vague idea is to rub the palm of your hands together for a good minute or so. You'll get a weird tingling sensation in your hands. This process seems to stir up in the energy in your hands, and is what magical energy sometimes feels like.

Pushing Energy

Learning to move energy through your body is easy with a little persistent practice. First visualize the energy in your body as a white light, filling every inch of you and moving in slow currents. Observe this energy and quietly try to get a sense of it. Are there areas where the energy seems to congregate more densely? Most people will find that the center of their torso carries the bulk of the energy. This is because of the "chakras", psychic centers, that we'll go into a bit further. You don't have to be completely certain how accurate your visualization of your energy is; just form a concept as best as you can.

Direct your mind's focus to this energy and take active control of its flow. Guide the energy down to the hand that you favor most. This will likely be the hand you write with, so righties stick with the right, and lefties with the left. Ambidextrous? Then I guess you'll have to flip a coin. Move the energy to this chosen hand and let it build up there, visualizing the energy becoming brighter as it condenses. Physically, your hand may be in any position you prefer. Many like building a powerful energy up in a fist, while others keep their palm straight, preparing for the eventual discharge.

After the energy has built up, mentally push it through your palm in a steady steam. Accomplish this by relaxing and visualizing the energy pouring freely from your hand. You may experience a warm, tingling sensation in your hand, similar to the pins and needles sensation that comes with a body part falling asleep. For some people it feels like icy-cool and prickly. If you don't feel any sensation the first time you try this, try again, focusing more time on the visualizing of energy and its build up. If you don't notice any success after a few attempts, try again on a different day or during a different time, for instance at night instead of the day. Regularly using energy raising techniques can also increase your chances of success.

When I first discovered my ability to move energy from my hands, I enjoyed asking my friends to hold their palm a couple inches from my own as I pushed energy. They would almost always report a sharp prickly sensation in their own hand. If you are feeling confident, why not try this little game out yourself?

As you become proficient and comfortable with moving energy through your primary hand, you can try emitting energy from both hands at once if you wish. Avoid doing this energy work if you are in an angry and tense mood. Expelling energy like this while there is a conflict on your mind might unintentionally cause harm to yourself or others. All magic should have a degree of control, and doing energy work while feeling angry is less likely to bring appropriate results. Calm moods, as well as excited, happy, or hyper moods are preferable.

Pulling Energy

Like our bodies, the physical world around us is full of energy. When working magic you will often find the need to recharge expended energies, or build up energy quickly before performing a task. There are many ways to do this.

Nature has a smorgasbord of energies to choose from. It flows within the ground, travels through the heat of the sun, is carried in the wind, and pretty much anything else you can think of. One should visualize the energy in the source you are going to take it from, just like you do with your own energy before pushing it out. For example, let's say you are going to take energy from the sunlight and heat around you. Close your eyes and see the pure energy floating all around you. Feel the vibrant life that is created by the sun's hot light. Instinctively feel its presence with your mind. Pull this energy toward your body and let it enter your skin, merging with your own energy and filling you with vibrant power. Classically, people most often use their feet and hands to absorb energy, but don't let this limit you. Any area of your body is capable of taking energy in and you should use this to your benefit. If the sun is touching your skin, absorb its energy into that area of your body and circulate it to the rest of your system. People who work magic usually have a stronger affinity toward one or more elements. These are traditionally considered to be earth, air, fire, and water and are not necessarily determined by any astrological affiliation. Try taking energy from some of the sources listed below and see which one suits you best. Whatever you are instinctively drawn to is likely to be your element of choice. Some people prefer heat over cold for their energy needs, wet over dry, and vice versa.

Earth- The energy of earth is in nutrient-rich soil, sand, and even some rocky formations. Taking soil energy from deep in the ground rather than the top is better as it is richer and less likely used by any plant life. This deep energy is tied into the heavy energy currents of the planet itself. Rocks and sand often have more power if frequently exposed to the sun, but don't shy away from experimenting.

Sun- As given in the example above, soak in the sun's heat wherever the light touches your skin.

Moon- Drawing down the moon as they say. The enigmatic energies of the moonlight are a very classic and effective source to pull energy from. Experiment with different phases.

Water- One can sit on the edge of a lake and pull the energy from the water and into your body. Hot baths and showers are a wonderful source of energy as they allow the water element to come in full contact with your body. If you like cool energy, a dip in a natural lake or ocean provides a very revitalizing boost.

Wind- Stand on a hill or anywhere else where a good breeze is blowing. Feel the energy blowing over you as the wind moves through your hair and against your skin and clothes. Take in as much as you can as it continues to race around you.

Storms- During a good storm you can cast your mind out to capture some of the storm's wild and chaotic energy. Keep in mind that this can be done from a safe shelter since energy can be pulled through walls and ceilings. A park shelter may be ideal of this source so you can still feel exposed to the storm without being in danger. A walk in a chilly down pour can be exhilarating and rejuvenating.

Snow- For those who have an affinity for the cold, winter nights are beautiful and silent. Walk in the snow and take in the cold serenity, visualizing the powerfully cold energy of the snow and ice merging with your own.

Fire- A nice fire in the fireplace or a large outdoor bonfire will not only get you in a mystic mood but will create a lot of energy for you to pull from. If this isn't practical, a room filled with candles can build energy for you to take from.

People- Energy can be taken from people, and it is okay to do so with permission and the knowledge of what you are doing. The only real benefits to doing this is to practice energy techniques with a friend (see below) or group magic that involves exchanging or channeling energy to other members.

Animals and Plants- It isn't advisable to take energy from a plant or animal since they have a natural need for these energies and might not communicate when too much is being taken. The energy you would take from the ground or other sources is equally potent so there isn't a need for this.

When pulling energy, a big key to success is to visualize not only the energy source that you are taking from, but also to maintain awareness of your own energy. As you pull energy from the area around you, see it entering your body and mixing with your own energy. Seeing it blend with your own energy is the best way to fully integrate it as a part of yourself and will prevent it from leaking back out or being rejected by you.

As strange as it sounds, one of the best times to practice energy pulling is when are feeling a bit worn down are tired. You will be able to feel the results of your efforts much more easily when you receive a fresh perk of energy.

Copyright © 2004 by Jay Bell / Temple of Manannan Mac Lir