Diagnosing a Psychic Attack

What if someone comes to you claiming that they are being attacked psychically, but you suspect otherwise? There may be times when someone suspects they are under a psychic attack, when in reality they are suffering from a medical condition. They might have picked up a virus by natural means, or they may have a mental disorder. If someone comes to you for help that you know fairly well, it should be rather easy to judge their mental stability. This is another good reason to only attempt to help protect those that you are closest to in life. Youíll know who you are dealing with and youíll have a history of behavior to reference when they tell you their story. When a stranger approaches you for psychic protection, you donít know if they are acting in the hopes of gaining attention or some other manipulative reason and you certainly donít know their medical history.

There is a lot of literature that delves into trying to diagnose if a psychic attack is legitimate, or of it is caused by an illness or mental imbalance. I donít feel that one needs to prep themselves on common symptoms of various illnesses and mental disorders. In fact, trying to play doctor without the years of schooling and experience is a risky if not downright dangerous idea. So what do you do if you want to provide someone with the protection they might desperately need, but at the same time you donít want to negate their potential need for professional help?

I find the best course of action is to take two paths at once. Provide your friend with the psychic protection they need while pursuing other possibilities at the same time. If a person has mysteriously and suddenly taken ill, schedule a visit to the doctor. While waiting for the appointment, perform multiple shielding and cleansing sessions. If the symptoms completely abate during this time, you may have taken care of the problem. It is worth the peace of mind to be 100% sure, so keeping the doctorís appointment is still recommended.

If the symptoms are so terrible that they warrant a hospital visit, do not hesitate to go there in the slightest. If you have time during the drive there and assuming you arenít the driver, then try a little protection work. More likely than not youíll have time in the waiting room to shield the person in need.

Psychic attacks that affect the mind often cause symptoms like anxiety, paranoia, extreme fatigue, or sometimes even hallucinations. If attempts at psychic shielding donít abate these symptoms in any way, then a medical professional will have to help. In many cases they can prescribe medication to temporarily relieve these symptoms, giving the sufferer a much needed break. During these breaks, protection methods should be attempted again in the hopes that any potential attack is weakened during this state.

Sometimes itís not always one or the other. Sometimes a psychic attack can cause enough stress to trigger a health issue in the body. Sometimes a person can get sick naturally at the same time a psychic attack is initiated. The bottom line is the only way to effectively deal with these situations is to pursue all avenues available to you. Do the most you can for someone you care for when they ask for your help.

If it does turn out to be only a health issue, you are still helping by providing the other person with an extra amount of strength and protection. We are more susceptible to negative vibrations when we are down physically. Shielding will help decrease if not eliminate that vulnerability.

Copyright © 2007 by Jay Bell / Temple of Manannan Mac Lir