Psychic Protection for Pets

As strange as it might sound, animals need psychic protection as well. It is widely accepted that animals are much more sensitive than we are to unseen forces. Dogs are very sensitive to people's intentions. Itís not uncommon that they give warning by growling or bristling their hair before a bad situation arises. We often see animals looking at and reacting to things that we canít readily perceive. You know something is up when more than one animal is looking with great interest at the same empty spot in a room. Sometimes it even seems like cats have astral playmates that they chase and paw at.

Why would anyone want to attack an animal? The most common reason would be to cause the owner of the pet to suffer. Many people, myself included, cherish their animal companions and make their happiness the top priority in life. It can upset our whole lives when our animal falls into a mysterious illness, a moody depression, or an energy-less state. If you are actively involved in the occult, someone may assume that your pet is your familiar and that attacking your pet psychically will indirectly harm you. Whether or not this is a sensible idea is unimportant. Protecting your animal on the other hand is.

Another reason to consider shielding is if your pet has to go to a kennel or a friendís house during your vacation and may be exposed to variety of stressful energies. Your animal will have a hard enough time dealing with his own emotions, but the group emotion at a kennel will make it even worse. Shielding them may help ease this discomfort and make their stay easier. How do we know if an animal is having troubles caused by psychic energy? They canít simply tell us that they are feeling strangely so we have to watch for symptoms. The usual telltale signs are when the animal suddenly falls sick, is listless, or moody. By moody I mean the animal not only doesnít want to engage in their usually activities, but they also reject companionship with growls or hisses. The may also develop sudden phobias or flinch when touched by those they normally trust.

Any veterinarian worth his salt would take the list of symptoms above and name off dozens of physical problems that could cause the very same reactions. It is very important not to put an animalís health into danger by assuming that any of these symptoms are solely the work a psychic attack. No matter how strong your gut feeling is on the matter, play it safe and get a medical opinion first and foremost. If you spend even a day trying psychic techniques before you take the animal to the vet, you could be wasting crucial time that is needed to save your animal's life. The most efficient thing to do is to take both courses of action at once. Visit your vet but also follow up with the technique below.

Animal Shield

There are a few additional things to take into consideration when protecting an animal instead of a human. The first is that it is best if the animal is in a very calm state, possibly even sleeping. You may be surprised how strongly your animal might react to magic. They have a much firmer grasp of whatís happening than the average person. Iíve had cats bolt upright and run the second I tried to surround them with energy. So first you need to find your animal in a calm state. Pet them a little bit and try to tell them what you are going to do.

With the animal calm and close to you, get into your ready state. Place your hand near the animal without directly touching them and begin to surround them with a misty cloud of your energy. While the power is poring out of your hand, focus strongly on what purpose you want it to have. General protection from any negativity is a good thing to start with the first time. You can get more specific by making it protect against any outside magic beside your own, or you may give extra strength and brightness if the animal is kennel bound. Also consider how you love the animal and put some of that emotion into it as well. Imagine the energy becoming a solid barrier that will keep your pet safe.

Once you feel the shield is strong enough, here is one more step we must consider. I always worry that surrounding an animal with white energy may interfere with their vision. It makes sense to me that if they easily perceive things we cannot see, that they will be able to see the ward weíve created around them. Would this then irritate their vision? I donít have the answers to this question so I also take an extra measure to ensure their comfort. Once the shield is complete, visualize the color disappearing until it resembles unbreakable but perfectly clear glass. Know that this perfectly transparent crystal material will reflect away any negativity that approaches it. Your will infuses it with a purity that will keep your animal safe.

When considering protecting anotherís animals, you want to give the same courtesies that you would if you were planning on protecting that person. You canít ask the animals permission, but there is wisdom in asking the owner's permission. You donít know if theyíve already done something similar, or had someone else do it for them. In this case you may find a very negative reaction waiting for you when you try to use your own magic on the animal.

How often should you shield an animal? Under normal circumstances the animalís strong aura will take care of itself. Unless there is an outstanding circumstance, I recommend you only shield your animal once every 4-6 months.

Copyright © 2007 by Jay Bell / Temple of Manannan Mac Lir