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Information on Manannan is plentiful although the sources of this information can be elusive. It seems easy to find information on the many treasures he is said to keep in his possesion, but details on his personality, where he came from, and what his people believed in is scarce. It is also debatable if historical documents should have any bearing at all on what one believes.


Selections from Lady Gregory's Of Gods and Fighting Men:

Manannan- A selection on Manannan's rumored death, the activities that followed his death, and presumed identities and events he triggered.

Manannan at Play- Also known as O'Donnel's Kern, this is one of the best reads, and very funny and charming in some parts.

His call to Bran-- Bran's strange voyage out of Ireland, and how he was lost to time. Manannan has an early role in this as the gatekeeper between worlds.

His 3 calls to Cormac- King Cormac's travel to the Other World, and what he discovers in Manannan's home. A very magical and mischievous tale.

Cliodna's Wave- An account of Manannan's household and the lovely maiden fated to stay there.

The Lady Gregory material was compiled by the hard working folks at: Internet Sacred Texts Archive

More Myths:

The Boyhood of Lugh- The story of Lugh's upbringing on the Isle of Man with Manannan, and the really cool parting gifts he received.

The Sick-bed Of Cuchulain- A myth mainly revolving around the love triangle of Fand, Emer, and Cuchulain. Manannan has a rather grand entrance at the end of the tale. This is the often referenced myth where Manannan waves his cloak between Fand and her lover.

The Fosterage of the House of the Two Pails- From the Book of Fermoy, this tale is exceptionally interesting and unique because it features Manannan speaking of the Christian religion, as well as providing some connection with Manannan to India.

Mongan son of Manannan- This tale surely is one of the sources of Manannan's notorious reputation as a late night visitor. Player...

Island of the Ocean God- A Christian tale of an old god, his subsequent rebirths, and his bringing of Christianity to the Isle of Man.

Extended Research Section:

Not for the weak of heart, what follows is a whole lot of information. I recommend you start with the overviews to see if you find your answer there. If not, the search engine function is eternally useful. Good luck!

Search for content on the Temple of Manannan:

Pŗganach Dubh's Manannan- One of the best overviews available, namely because of the audio files that help you hear how these names are pronounced. this document not only covers some of Manannan's activities on our world, but in the Other World as well.

The Gods of The Celts overview- The Gods of the Celts by Lorraine Mac Donald has a pretty thorough overview about Manannan, his realms, treasures, family, and history.

The Pooka Overview- Pooka has created a great overview of Manannan that gives more insight into his personality and his interactions with us mortals.

Shining Lakes Article- An article about a groups experience with Manannan. Shining Lakes Grove is a Druidic Organization in the North East that works with Many Celtic Deities and nature spirits. Their web page can be found here.

Comparative Mythology Article- This article compares Manannan to the Aegir, and connects other Irish-Norse myths. Poseidon is referred to as Manannan's counterpart which I feel is incorrect. Hermes might be a bit closer...

From ManannŠn to Bercilak-An article arguing that Manannan is the most likely identity behind the Green Knight from the story "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

Shaping the Shape-Shifter- An article detailing Manannan's revived presence in modern Manx society" Taken from the Celtic Cultural Studies site.

Articles from the Manx Notebook:

The Manx notebook is a phenomenal resource for historical information concerning the Isle of Man. It can be found at

Folklore of the Isle of Man chapter 1- A broad account of Manannan's history. It touches on his literary transition from mythology, to a mortal personage. It also suggests multiple ancestries for him, none of which match up. A great article regardless!

Places relating to the word Man- Delves into some less covered mentioning's of Manannan, including an old Manx song and his involvement in the story "The exile of the children of Uisnech."

Manx Fairy Tales pages 20-23- A non-ballad version of the coming of St. Patrick, including an obviously Christianized version of the old Manx Prayer.

Manx Fairy Tales pages 24-26- Gives a little tip on where Manannan's enchanted isle may lie, but really it's mostly just a cute tale about fish choosing their king.

Manx Fairy Tales pages 121-122- A description of Manannan's enchanted isle, and when it may be seen.

Manx Fairy Tales pages 171-173- A more detailed account of Manannan's rule on the Isle of Man.

Fairy Faith on the Isle of Man- Manannan is connected to the little folk's hierarchy. This article primarily deals with the fairy beliefs of old, and includes many interviews from various personages on the Isle. Very interesting read.

Manx Yarns- A good collection of short spoken word legends involving Manannan.

Excerpts from longer articles- There were some very large articles that made small references to Manannan. I extracted the information from them and put them in this document. Topics include Druidism on the Isle of Man, Manannan's sacred day, and Interpretations of Manannan's name.

Manxmen Mourning- A ballad called "Manxmen mourning over the troubles of Mannin" (the Isle of Man) The first few verses make reference to Manannan's care-free rule.

The Voyage of Bran- The poem/song verse of Brans voyage. I prefer the story version better.