Waves of Greeting

Submitted by Gaelbhan Wulf

I obtained a shell bracelet and ˝ a spiral shell that I strung for a necklace. I wanted to cleanse them and introduce myself to Manannan by bathing them in Puget Sound. Today was the second of three such bathings I intend for these two items. After bathing them in the water, I started to do some Zen brushwork in the sand where the water and land met. As all things Zen, the water washed away my attempts at writing in the sand and I was amused as I watched word after word vanish completely into the waves - I wrote those words using the Ogham script of old Ireland. I then decided to write the name, Manannan, in the same Ogham script.

I had already been at the beach for about 10 minutes with normal waves following their natural easy course. Within two more sweeps of the water over that name in Ogham, a series of ferocious waves climbed up onto the beach! One after the other sent me darting back up the incline away from the water, my shoes being pulled out and I knew instantly that Manannan answered my invocation of his name. As soon as I ‘felt’ the waves were from Manannan, the beach returned to normal. Of course my 21st century mind looked to the water to see if a boat had passed, I realized I was doing it and laughed – no boats, no storms, just my invocation of Manannan.