The Tattooed God

Submitted by Christine P.

I had been searching for the name of the god that I have been seeing in my visions for a long time, and just had glimpses here and there until one day not too long ago... I was in my meditation and was taken away like a flash of lightning! One minute I am sitting in my chair and the next I am being taken to the shore of a river...but the river turned into a ocean wave… a tidal wave... really green and wondrous, and in the wave was a face of a man. I was thinking the sea god Poseidon but out of the wave comes this man with red hair tied in a pony tail and tattoos running down his arms and a set of green eyes that glowed. His smile was contagious and his body was tall and he had his hands on his hips standing there very sure of himself. The smile was all together great and he said "Here I am, and now you know your answer." What a rush! But the love that I felt was unbelievable...

When asked about how she discovered the god in the vision was Manannan:

Well my brother is a practicing Druid, has been for a long time now, and I've been a witch for about 20 years now. I have started a new study with a different Tradition family and this vision came to me and wouldn't leave me. The reason for the vision was to search for my patron gods, but I had no idea who I was looking at, and for the life of me I couldn't find out who this god was. So one day my brother and I were talking via the net, and I asked him if he knew who this god might be, since he is a follower of the Celtic patrons, he asked a bunch of questions and came back with the answer: "It's really quite obvious. You have been visited by the god Manannan mac Lir" Then the homework started and the more I have read on him and his personality the more you are right; it's really quite hard not to fall in love with the guy. I will never forget those shinning eyes and the warmth in the smile, the only thing that threw me was the tattoos, they were quite a sight ...and that is the "rest of the story" as they say.