Taking the Power

Submitted by Maureen Shepherd

I have always been close to Manannan since I discovered I could ‘sing the waves’ when I was a teenager (I’m now 51). I still go down to the shore on a regular basis and greet Manannan with song. What I wanted to tell you about was a meeting I had with Him in 1990.

I was holidaying in a caravan near Whitby in North Yorkshire. Although the caravan park was way up on the top of the cliffs and it was almost dark, I got an overwhelming urge to go down to the beach, which I did – climbing gingerly down some slippery wooden steps and onto rocks before I got to the beach.

I sat down to meditate on a rock, despite the fact that it was freezing cold and a fine mist had formed out at sea. The tide was turning, just starting to come in. As I sat looking, I realized that I could see a boat coming towards me. A small boat with a single sail, but totally made from silver. It seemed to materialize out of the mist. On board was a man standing with one hand on the mast and holding the reins of a horse in the other. He was tall and splendour with silver white hair, although he was only about 30 years old. He wore Celtic style clothes – a pale blue tunic with a silver belt covered in knotwork and a darker blue cloak with silver swirls all over it held at one corner by a huge circular penannular brooch. As the boat touched the shore he leapt onto his horse and galloped towards me. The horse was a dappled grey and very much a stallion and it took very little time to cover the distance of the beach. I could hear it quite clearly, the sound of the hooves, the rasping breath of the galloping horse. The man (who by this time I realized was Manannan) brought the horse to a halt just in front of me and threw a spear into the sand directly between my feet. He looked at me and, with laughter in his eyes said ‘Take my power if you dare.’

Never a one to refuse a dare, I put out my hand and grasped the spear. It was as if I had been struck by lightning. I think I passed out, because I suddenly found myself flat on my back on the sand, several feet away from the rock I had been sitting on, Manannan, horse and boat all gone. The meaning of this meeting did not become clear for another six weeks when I found myself pregnant!

Don’t you just love his sense of humour!