Promises, Promises

Submitted by Maureen Shepherd

We visited the Isle of Man when my daughter was still very young. We decided to visit the burial mound called Manannanís Grave and got the bus to somewhere about three miles from it (canít remember now). On the way up the hill to where we thought the Ďgraveí was I spotted something sparkling on the road and picked up a beautiful brooch. There was no one around for miles to give it back to so I said to Hughie (my hubby), Iíll give it to Manannan when we get there. We followed the trail on the map and searched for ages but never found the burial mound that was marked as Manannanís Grave on the map. Finally, despairing, we set off back down the hill, all thoughts of our offering completely gone from our minds. As we walked down, the heavens opened and there was thunder and lightning where twenty minutes previously there had been clear blue skies. We were soaked, baby included. As I put my hands in my pockets I found the brooch and it struck me like a hammer that I hadnít kept my promise. So, in a hastily performed ritual at the side of the road, we offered the brooch to Manannan and apologized. There was a river running parallel to the road and we placed the offering there. Two minutes later a car pulled up and offered us a lift back to Peel! Apology accepted I think but we never did find the Grave.