Laughing in the rain...

Submitted by Jeff.

Was Gene Kelly down with Manannan too? I just finished a simple walk to the store that ended up quite interesting. I'll keep it as short as possible without leaving out the important details. I was on the phone with a friend who needed advice of a certain matter. I was just about to walk to the store to pick up a few things I needed when the phone rang. As I'm talking I can hear the rain start. After helping my friend the best I could I told her I needed to go. I'm getting dressed for the walk and it's raining hard! I sit on the floor to put my shoes on and I can hear how hard the rain is falling. I ask Manannan to stop the rains or at least slow them so that I may make it to the store. I walk out the front door and begin my walk. Not more than a minute into my walk, the rain lets up to a faint mist. It was at this point that I told Manannan that I would thank him properly on my return home. I make it to the store and the light mist is still falling. I leave the store and begin my walk home when it starts raining hard! Oh and I mean hard! I was just about to ask why when, in my head this question popped up, " what did you ask for?" I realized instantly that I had mentioned getting to the store but not the return home! I started laughing out loud. The rain slowed to a steady rain and I make it home.

As I had promised, I thank Manannan for slowing the rain during my walk to the store. I pour milk that I had just bought into a glass bowl and walk into my yard to offer it to him. I take a knee and thank him for not only slowing the rains on my walk to the store but for reminding me to take care in what it is that I ask for. I pour the milk on the ground and at that very second it rains the hardest it has rained all day! Not 2 seconds before or 2 seconds after, but right when I offer the milk!

It was incredible! I wish I had the words to describe how I felt at that very moment, but the words escape me. Incredible Jay, just incredible! I stayed in the rain for a time just enjoying the moment. I came in and changed out of my wet clothes, smiling the whole time.