Ladybug Beach

Submitted by Jay Bell

While staying at a cabin in Wisconsin a few years ago, a friend and I made frequent hikes to a small beach on a large lake. It was a perfectly secluded place to watch clouds crawl across the waters reflections with the occasional fisherman coasting by. Anyway, we liked to stop and have a picnic there on the nicer days.

We felt very spiritual there; very connected with nature. During one visit my friend and I had a conversation about Manannan Mac Lir over a glass of wine and on a whim I decided to toast the Celtic Sea God. I simply said: "To Manannan!" and tossed a good amount of wine across the water's surface. Within seconds at began to rain all around us, a nice warm downpour. On this particular day there wasn't even a single white cloud in the sky. It rained like this for five minutes, us laughing in amazement. When it was over we had no doubt that Manannan had toasted us back.