Eye of the Storm

Submitted by Jay Bell

I was about 13 years old when I began a religious quest of sorts. I knew I needed some sort of spirituality in my life and I knew it wasn't going to be Christianity. I began learning about other religions, but many of them were too close-minded or too extreme. I really wanted a religion that didn't rely on threats, had some sense of humor, and offered an open-ended structure. At the same time as all of this I began practicing the occult, frequently doing visualizations and energy manipulation.

I was living in Texas during this period and one particular night there was a very large thunderstorm going on. I'd always felt close to storms and I was sleeping peacefully through all of it. Suddenly in mid-sleep I became completely aware of my surroundings, just as if I had woken up. There was a big rumble of thunder and with that I shot out of my body and up into the storm. It was the first out of body experience I ever had. I went upward until I reached the storm's level and then I began moving forward through the clouds. None of this was under my own will power, something else was moving me. I then came before a whirling mass of clouds that looked like a vertical eye of the storm. I hovered in front of this whirling mass for a moment, watching it. Lightning flickered in its depth as it churned. Suddenly I was thrust into its center and straight back into my body. I awoke and sat straight up with one word in my mind. "Manannan." I immediately looked it up in a book I had and it listed Manannan as an Ocean God as well as a Storm God. I was totally blown away. From there I began learning more about him, and the rest is history.