Coyote Maiden's First Encounter

When asked how she met Manannan on the now defunct message boards:

Well, where to begin, hmmm? Well, I suppose he came to me looong ago, I just didn't know it, to say hi. My very first memory is sitting in the sand and feeling it on my butt, (my mom says this was in my first year) and feeling the ocean wash over my toes. Don't worry we're not doing my whole life. Some time in the year 1999 or 2000, I didn't write it down when it happened, , I was very frustrated because I couldn't seem to meditate properly. I couldn't reach my spirit guide(s) and I tried different books, tapes, nothing seemed to work. My mind wouldn't quit running in overdrive. I was once again attempting to focus on my chakras opening and walking down the forest path, all that stuff the books tell you to use, when an image came into my mind. This time I didn't try to push it away. It was a spiral, carved in stone, slowly revolving... Slowly, slowly, slowly...

I am standing on the edge of a high sheer cliff and below me I see the ocean. I am amazed. I'm afraid of the ocean, but I don't feel afraid here. I spread out my arms and the wind picks me up, like a feather, and blows me out over the ocean. I see the rocks on the shore. I see the waves, mostly calm seas today. I am blown in a great curve back towards the beach. I see a fire on the beach and a figure standing next to it, robed and holding a staff. I am brought down next to the fire to land. The figure is a young man (25 to 35) short brown hair and very close cropped beard and mustache. Dark brown eyes. He says in an annoyed tone, "What took you so long?" Apparently my spirit guide is a smart aleck.

Then there is my quite sudden and unreasoning attraction to mermaids. Before 2001 it didn't exist. Then there is the fact that when I asked him, I finally got a (magickal) name for myself. No one else had done so when I asked. Perhaps this all doesn't seem sudden, but I have been a practicing Pagan for ten years, and studying before four or so years that and only now am I starting to get somewhere.