Aine's Blue God

Submitted by Aine

I had out of the blue a God come to me in vision. One like no other, who simply stated, "You've done good, what Blessings would you have?"

I was a bit stunned, Hern that I am a Priestess of is jovial and humored at times but nothing this blunt and witted. I contemplated long life, good health for my kids my self as he continued. "Yeah, yeah," he said, "I know all the long life stuff, health, blah blah blah...what Goods would make you happy? You know, the material kind you are always hesitant to ask for?"

I contemplated again thinking in my Taurus nature okay, money is good but not if someone dies to give it to me etc etc.. Laughter abounded...he said, "You do ramble and cover your ass and everyone else's."

I felt such ease and had just been sent a water bird that rarely comes if ever I had seen one here before. I researched thinking maybe it was Manannan.. He was in our Handfasting ritual words and occasionally came around stirring a bit of trouble but never had he spent time speaking to me before. I found your site when I put in his name. I immediately found the section on personality and now about his humor. Thank-you. It helped me much today, but, silly me, as I was reading he joked that all this work and interruption of our talk, all I had to do was ask him who he was! Heh!