Rainy Baptism

Submitted by Jay Bell

An hour or so after a conversation with Manannan I was laying in bed with the window open. Manannan asked me to wet my hand in the rain and wiped the water against my forehead. I tried doing this through the screen, but not too much water was getting that far in. I asked Manannan to blow a little more rain toward the window, and to my delight it immediately started to rain upon me where I was laying in bed. It was a wonderful experience, although I wasn't sure of the point. I thought then of Rxxxx, who would wonder why I didn't ask. I don't know, sometimes I'm just content to experience. It felt to me like some sort of baptismal, and it wasn't the first time I used rain water to anoint my face or body. It always makes me feel more connected, contented, and safe.